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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
Disclaimer: All of this is subject to change.

When a continent lock is broken, the continent has it’s warpgates configuration incremented to the next and default territory split is set for all 3 empires, and spawning is reenabled.

Thresholds are set by designers. It will trigger an alert. When the alert is won by the conquering faction, the continent is locked.

Last stands will be subject to alert XP like normal.
/raises hand

Is there any whisper of a chance we are going to get sanctuaries back? Even if they're just carbon copies of the 3D training environments stuck on teeny islands? They would eliminate the dozens of retards hanging around the WG and dragging down their empire's cont pop, and they give a wonderful place to gather for new assaults. They are important strategically and they lend themselves to that intangible of intangibles -- esprit de corps. Please?

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
Why it would be great to have a user's guide, most new players would never look at it.
/jaw drop

Wow. Just wow. Never fucking mind, then. I'll never ask anything of you again.
No XP for capping empty bases -- end the ghost-zerg! 12-hour cooldown timers on empire swaps -- death to the 4th Empire!

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