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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

None of these affected my choice to stop playing (even if I agree with the snipers shouldn't be infils thing, but mostly for CQC reasons that anything heavier than a pistol is broken with cloak).

To me the most important things are a combination of:

TTK: too short to get situational awareness and respond to a threat. Especially the amount of one hit kills.

Base design: main reason at first was the constant spawncamping. Well, my topics on this have been legendary enough I would say. Main bases too big, spawns in the wrong, open locations, disconnected flow.

Examples of disconnected flow base design:
- One side can teleport in and the defender has to cross long distances to take over a nearby base while also defending the teleport room is just "meh".
- Frequently can't even exit spawns to reach objectives as defender to get to objectives without going through a crossfire of vehicles with one shot kills + infantry with super-low TTKs.

Jetpacks and open bases: (vertical) ease of access + horizontal defenses on huge base design simply make defense next to impossible and a counter offensive virtually unthinkable.

Zerg-overpromoting gameplay: medics with infinite revive/healing juice, engineers (and therefore others) with infinite ammo.

Whack-a-mole gameplay: largely fixed, still exists here and there.

Vehicle combat design: instant seat-switching, solo-heavy tanks (resulting in surges of tank spam that can hardly be countered, overwhelm everything and then die out because of resources, rather than there being a somewhat constant, even fight),

Too many bases leading too information overload, combined with short timers make it next to impossible to "read the map" proper, since anything could happen (lattice improved this a little). Too few continents, non-optimal command features and warpgates that are sanctuaries: leading a campaign for global conquest is practically impossible.

Those are my main reasons.
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