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Re: Friday Night Ops EP39 Resource System Q&A Tonight

Here's a rundown of the interview last night by the way, thanks to tinnedwaffles over on Reddit

ANT Griefing
  • Tackling the problem from the motivation angle. People in the surrounding area of the ANT will receive the same XP/resources as the person driving. Also if you fight/defend the ANT you get bonuses etc.

New vehicle for ANT or Sunderer module?
  • Makes it clear that devs will listen to complaints, but at the moment it seems a Sundy module is the most likely solution to keep dev time low. A trade off between AMS or ANT (sorta obvious). Hamma would prefer a new vehicle, [the Deliverer]( (combining small squad transport + ANT).
    Malorn reiterates that the Sundy is already the big base crashing truck and that ANT functionality would suit it with the right visual distinctions, his own 'pie in the sky' ideas for the visuals being similar to the pipes of AMP stations/dotted around the maps.

What happens to timer reduction certs?
  • Basically, SOE want to steal all your certs. Pre order cancelled. a cert refund or translating the timer reduction certs into some similar/equivalent in the new resource model. Cert refund would be ideal.

Infantry inventory removal = 'unlimited' grenades/C4/etc?
  • Hope to keep the system similar as current one as possible. Considering a timed recharge mechanic that spends resources on use/throw, but may result in more spam. Making more powerful loadouts cost more resources considered, but makes the system a lot more complicated.

Will people pulling their vehicles/vehicle loadouts affect me?
  • No. No threat of 4th factioners draining resources by pulling vehicles. Power drain is based on people in the area? I wasn't too clear on this.

Details on resource delivery mechanics?
  • Re-purposing ammo towers as power silos. Keep function of ammo resupplying. Malorn likes the idea of conveying power levels in actual world, not just the UI. Power systems will provide secondary objectives outside the meat grinder and still affect the battle indirectly.

If different vehicles are used for the ANT will they have different power capacities?
  • Already sort of addressed with the Sunderer module, they think they'll just stick with one vehicle. They wanted something bigger and slower, a Flash/Harasser are too quick and might result in really short engagements? Comments on PS1 LLU system that they're trying to reverse the concept, so you're taking something of value to a battle instead of out of one.

Balancing supply Outfits vs heavy fighting / spec op Outfits?
  • Not necessarily a issue of 'balance' but making sure the outfits will always have something to do within their role. They overlap, like roles developing to protect ANT runs, etc. No plan to restrict ANTs like the AMS, only a time based power delivery mechanic.

Can we spam vehicles if we have the resources?
  • Yes, as long as you have the resources. But you'll probably have a harder time continually hopping between roles.

How much resources can we stack?
  • Resource gain = unit of time. 60 resources a minute. 600 resources in 10 minutes. Short cap, but a fast rate. "More acute, less permanent". Using Neutral bases are in the design but realization is a different question.

Will subscribing still boost resource gain?
  • Malorn can't comment on it, not his decision/role. Does say its complicated. Tangent takes them onto new players and how the resource revamp will make this a little more intuitive for them.

Air based resource vehicles?
  • Probably not. Probably would result in the same front ground line bypassing problem the Galaxy-AMS did in beta.

Thoughts on command tools requiring resources?
  • Probably not. They want to encourage it the use of tools. Back in beta, the resource cost of squad spawn beacons would discourage their use. Maybe for Orbital Strikes.

Can/Will AMP stations contribute to the passive energy gain like warpgates?
  • AMP stations do have similar themes, perhaps a base benefit however is current slated for a different benefit ie dome shields. Trying to keep things simple.

Upcoming resource changes affect rate of vehicles being pulled?
  • Not particularly, expects it to be slightly more. Want to give vehicles, ie players inside vehicles, to maintain value. While you have the vehicle the resources are "reserved" so you can't cap out your resources while your vehicle is spawned.

Hijacking enemy ANTs / Stealing resources?
  • They have actually considered that when the system was an LLU system where resources were picked up. Resources can technically be stolen from enemy territories. As soon as ANTs have power they appear on continent map.

Continent/Territory control affect resources?
  • This new system makes every more local and creates a siege mechanic but there is no direct relation to territory control. Continent/Base benefits may undergo changes in the future.

Distances between bases and mines(resource nodes)?
  • They want to put them in places that will make interesting fights but also have nodes out in the middle of nowhere where players must travel out to reach. Considered random spawns for supplies that could be drained and depleted. This was the actual plan for PS2 with all the different resources which eventually translated into hexes... somehow lol.

Will resource system tie into player bases?
  • Building/Customizing the base would require a lot of time and he pictures ANTs being required to maintain them.

New resource types?
  • Potentially different types of power, but currently only one.

Resource system global? If yes how will it affect cont locking?
  • No. Less global than current system. More local. Designed to encourage moving around territory, more impactful but less permanent effects of resource denial. No cont locking answer.

Will those hexes behind Warpgates have a purpose with the new resource system?
  • Malorn doesn't see any reason for them to exist.

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