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Regarding nuclear power, I'm not against it as long as the waste is stored responsibly and properly (extremely low chance of leaking and getting into groundwater etc) and the plants are built in safe locations.

I got rather annoyed with the people that used the tsunami in Japan (in the ring of fire zone) as a motivation to not built a plant in a very geologically stable area and close down any others. Germany is ending its nuclear power and as a consequence the brown coal plants will have to grow in output.

Not sure if you know what brown coal does to the environment, but this is what a mine looks like:

The mines are huge and keep expanding horizontally (threatening the existence of a lot of villages and nature) and a lot of land is basically destroyed, while the pollution from these coal plants is pretty heavy.

I'd prefer the risks associated with atomic power, as long as the plants aren't built and maintained by Russians.

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