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Although I agree that CE is pretty weak in this game... I think that it is intentional and to some extent I think that it isn't far off the right balance. Locking down entire squads with a few deployable defences for 5 minutes even basically slows the game down massively and in general it would lead to stalemates in the game much more than now.
It is about evolving your gameplay to counter the counters. CE is still about the most fun to play in the game - I've been advanced engineer for ages and it adds a nice dimension. Come up against a good player with good CE skills and it is pretty harsh.
Yes an EMP does take out all your carefully laid out traps. But imagine if there was simply no way to clear all of these traps other than to take your troops with thumpers and emp grenades. Every base would take 20 minutes to simply clear CE and taking court yards would be next to impossible.
In the situation you describe (1) the EMP going off and (2) a simple /broadcast would bring reinforcements to the back door to stop the breach. You've slowed them down and forced them to use a big 'Haaaaaai' EMP that every in the base can hear has alerted the defenders to where the attack is coming from.
There are lots more situations where strong CE is awesome defensively. Not only for possibly getting kills, but also to alert defending troops about the movements of the enemy.

You should have stuck with it. There is much more fun to be had with CE, finding new ways to trick, trap, delay and annoy the enemy. Think about use of boomers to counter EMPs. If a troop lands at a back door and emp's... any boomer they are standing on gets set off and hopefully they have dropped out of a plane right onto your carefully positioned boomer. Bang play your cards right and its the entire galaxy squad in one hit.

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