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Re: Why I quit PS1

At times I played like your playstyle setting up CE, and have to admit I stopped doing it as much when OS's were becoming very common, as a clever player would OS the BD before making a run on it. CE became more useful in the CY (under cover), motion sensors around entry points, or mines on bridges etc.

Prior to this I would mine behind the trees as well, or rather just as the corners, so when people move around them to see if there is a mine the otherside, they are already dead. - This works in many situations, with corners/walls/doors etc.

So yeah the BD became pretty much OS food, and not as worth CE'ing, unless it was just a zerg you were facing.

I don't know what the layout of the PS2 bases will be like yet, as to whether CEing will be worth it in PS2. Depends on layout, how much CE you can deploy, vs how much OS's cost. For PS2 - If OS's take out all CE (even when spread out), move to something else, like a medic/gal driver/gunner if you like support

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