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I hope that you campaign for Palestinian liberation, for a single state where everyone can coexist peacefully rather than a 100% Jewish state. Those are the two biggest issues for me there, the brutal apartheid regime that kicks people out and walls them off from their family's homes (recent enough to have a key, I'm not talking about claiming biblical land rights) and the promotion of Israel as a 100% Jewish-only state.

As for Terrorism on both sides... A people who had been oppressed by various empires, who finally gained their independence, only for a land-grab by wealthy European **** to ignite the spark that would light the land ablaze with apartheid oppression. And the moment Israel started being backed by the US instead of Europe, they became a tool of US military operations. The Palestinians have a right to fight back, they have a right to self-determination in the face of Imperialism. If someone kicked me out of my family's home of many generations, told me I couldn't live there ever again, and moved me to an uninhabited stretch of non-arable land, you'll be damn right that I'm gonna take up arms against my oppressors despite the overwhelming odds.

That being said, I hope that you campaign for Palestinian liberation. There is no way they are going to be free from the smothering boot of imperialism without a popular campaign from the population of Israel. One side is armed with some of the most advanced military weaponry in existence, the other has always been barred from having weapons or even construction supplies to build new infrastructure when they get kicked out of their former homes. Clearly this has to end if anything is going to improve.

That is my perspective on Israel at least.

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