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Originally Posted by TheDAWinz View Post
Making and pulling false info is difficult to understand.
You need to stop posting while high.

Originally Posted by MightyMan View Post
2. Yes I am completely aware that you have not called me a nazi. What I meant is that you are trying to imply that one mans action represent the actions of all of us. I have expressed my self in a dumb way, and thus I am sorry. And this is not typical behavior. Perhaps a very uncommon one.
Also, what else can they do but expressing their disapproval? She really did not violate any law at all. The same thing would happened in Canada if such did would occur.

3. Clearly you have not read the article. They have cutting evidence that the picture is fake. Try actually reading the article until the end.

About your non-interest in Israel. I'l have to agree with you. If not for the shitstorms we would be on the news only like only 5% of the time (probably less) we are now. But who would not. I can't remember the last time I heard about Canada on the news.

Also, I am perfectly aware that this was not supposed to be offensive. A nicer way of saying the things would be better. "I am sorry but in my opinion the Israeli occupation and stuffs is the most important theme right now, and thus I would much rather prefer to concentrate on it only.
Of course you don't have to say it like an A class gentleman and it could be much shorter, but your way of expressing it reminded me of the term "fuck off". It's probably just me though. So yeh another broken way of expression by me. Sorry.
"I'm not 100% sure it's fake, but I definitely lean that way. Why? The odds, that's all. It's an extraordinary claim to say you captured a photo of a bomb milliseconds before it hits with such high resolution and clarity. And, in my mind, extraordinary claims take extraordinary evidence."
- The Jawa Report's famed reporter, "Rusty Shackleford, PhD" (that's not a real person by the way, it's from the show King of the Hill)

The IDF defends settlers and their homes despite their activity being a significant part of the tension between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the settlements themselves are of course considered illegal by the international community. Great, some people disapproved of an IDF soldier humiliating Palestinian prisoners. Amazing, sometimes some Jewish extremists might get picked up by the police for assaulting Palestinian women. The bottom line is that the state is currently engaged in illegal activity, and is using its military to defend said illegal activities. The small shit, like settlers jeering at a recently evicted Palestinian woman, are just indicative of the larger issue. And that is, of course, the complete disregard for the Palestinians, their lands, and the international law which says they are Palestinian lands.

Also, have you seen Louis Theroux's BBC documentary, The Ultra Zionists? I thought it was a quite interesting look at the whole settlement situation.

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