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You need to stop posting while high.

"I'm not 100% sure it's fake, but I definitely lean that way. Why? The odds, that's all. It's an extraordinary claim to say you captured a photo of a bomb milliseconds before it hits with such high resolution and clarity. And, in my mind, extraordinary claims take extraordinary evidence."
- The Jawa Report's famed reporter, "Rusty Shackleford, PhD" (that's not a real person by the way, it's from the show King of the Hill)

The IDF defends settlers and their homes despite their activity being a significant part of the tension between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the settlements themselves are of course considered illegal by the international community. Great, some people disapproved of an IDF soldier humiliating Palestinian prisoners. Amazing, sometimes some Jewish extremists might get picked up by the police for assaulting Palestinian women. The bottom line is that the state is currently engaged in illegal activity, and is using its military to defend said illegal activities. The small shit, like settlers jeering at a recently evicted Palestinian woman, are just indicative of the larger issue. And that is, of course, the complete disregard for the Palestinians, their lands, and the international law which says they are Palestinian lands.

Also, have you seen Louis Theroux's BBC documentary, The Ultra Zionists? I thought it was a quite interesting look at the whole settlement situation.
"I'm a military Explosive Ordnace Disposal technician. I've seen lots of bomb and lots of bombs being dropped (both in person and in testing videos). I concur with the previous poster about this photo being of a GBU (Guided Bomb Unit). Further, it appears to be a package installed on a 500lb Mk82 bomb. Once the GBU is installed on a particular bomb it gains the appropriate digits 10, 12 etc. I'd have to look at tech data to tell you precisely what the nomenclature of the pictured bomb is, but I can tell you that this picture is bogus. For the fins to still be folded the bomb would have to have just been dropped. You'd still be able to see the plane that dropped it. This would however account for the clarity of the image. A bomb dropped on a combat target, even one dropped at very low altitude, would still be blurred. We're talking about jet fighters here, not biplanes. I've watched test video taken by scientists with high speed cameras designed for the purpose of studying bomb impacts. Even their film comes out blurred sometimes. Also, the scale is definitely off as yet another commenter mentioned. The blast in other fauxtoes is yet another fakery. The apparent blast seat is not in line with impact point you would expect from the previous picture. The blast itself does not look right for a heavy cased bomb either. It looks very much like the result you would get from a bare charge placed on the surface. Finally, as another astute commenter pointed out, neither the fauxtographer or his subjects would have been likely to survive the blast in the image. The blast wave would have knocked them all off their feet and caused serious injuries, but not before they had all been ripped to shreds by primary and secondary fragmentation. In spite of what Hollywood (and Paliwood) would have you believe, it is not possible to outrun a high order explosion."

^The photographer WOULD DIE. But as you may know, he is still alive.

"Look at the feet. the man in the green shirt and the person in the grey sweats does not have feet"

Also: Some of the people there appear in several "bombing pictures".
Also, If you have ever used a camera, you would know that the slightest move of those who you take a picture of, would get blurred on the pic. Now, yes he probably had a professional camera, but the missile would move at a speed of about 500 meters per second. Needless to say, it would not be as clear as it is on the picture.
Can we stop talking about this picture now?

The IDF does defend settlers and their homes. Why? Because they are often attacked by Palestinians. Palestinians are also often attacked by settlers. Thus Palestinians are defended too. Aggressors from both sides get arrested.
And if you ask, why does the IDF defend them, well: The police cannot operate in those territories, and even though they violate the law, the authorities have to protect their health as human beings (they protect the health of Palestinians too). The same thing would happen in any other sane country of the world at other occasions too.
Also: the offenders of those conflicts ALWAYS get picked up by the police. Why? Because it is the police (in those territories the IDF can arrest violators of law too). If they come back to the police station from an aggressive conflict with no one arrested it would arise suspicion to say the least, so the possibility of the police being in favor of the settlers seems very low.
Also, where the hell did you hear about the IDF defending the settlers?
BTW: Settlements that are considered illegal are first evacuated and then demolished. There was a big story like 3 months ago one of the biggest illegal settlement called "ulpana hill", where About 1000 settlers were evacuated and the buildings were completely demolished. Why because those were Palestinian territories. Saying that it is common and that it is not enforced is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin View Post
If everyone was their own cousin, I'd be a doctor AND a lawyer. Go do it yourself, don't defer to your relative's experience. Post the pictures you take, too.

If the ultra-Orthodox are the ones causing all the trouble, do something about it, don't maintain an Apartheid and say "well I'm not the one doing it so its okay, plus I've been taught they they are brutal and unreasonable."

Do you know WHY peace talks failed and no longer go on? I'd like to hear your side of it, what you've heard, what you know about it. Refer me to where you've already posted about this if you have.
Sigh. No I can't go there because of WORK. It exists, ya know.
If you want videos or pictures of the walls from the Palestinian side just search it on Google or Youtub, I assure you that the one who took pictures were not shot, because you can see the damn pictures.
Stop saying that there is nothing done about those assholes, it is ludicrous.
No I am not going to become a vigilante because of a problem that is already controlled by the authorities, as in, they hold those jackasses on a very short leash anyway.

Why do the peace talks fail? Both sides have ridiculous demands from each other, and each time they disagree to follow those terms thus the talks end.
Both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides are guilty of this. What can I say, politics....
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