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Berlin wall
Funny thing is that the conditions were already bad in east Berlin before the World War era, so putting up a wall didn't worsen the area. The workers in East Berlin were well-trained, and were being taken care of better than before the wall went up. When the wall came down, workers in the East divisions were better trained and educated, but would be exploited the same as any other worker, and it is cited that the East division workers were responsible for German innovation and economic growth after the wall came down.

I wouldn't consider the apartheid to be anything close to East/West Berlin. Berlin was a matter of two opposing ideologies represented by two super-powers of the time. Israel and USA vs Palestine is much more of a one-sided oppression, in the form of apartheid.

Israel would not be "wiped out" by Arab nation if it is a one-state that gives fair rights and liberties to all citizens, Jewish or Muslim or Christian or otherwise, Arab or *** or anything else. It would make no sense to wipe out a nation that is peaceful and doesn't oppress its citizens, and doesn't have the goal of becoming a 100% Jewish state.


Peace talks broke down in Israel because the PLO was declared the representatives of the Palestinian people (not by Israel), despite being one of many organizations struggling for peace. It would be like if America was invaded, and the Tea Party was selected to represent all American citizens in the now-occupied country.

After PLO was declared the representative of Palestinian people, it was easy to pick a few things about them that Israeli government didn't approve, and then declare that they would not conduct any more peace talks with the only group that is recognized as representing Palestinians. Current leadership is Israel refuses to try to make peace with a group that all Palestinians don't even feel represent them or their ideals. So no, it isn't on the side of Palestinians, the fault and failure of peace negotiations is a combination of the recognition of PLO as the only group to represent Palestinians, and the ability for Israel's leadership to decline further peace talks with the one organization that got to be recognized to represent Palestinians.

The average Palestinian citizen has no voice, has no power, has no group to join in with peace talks or liberation that can make progress with the government. Sounds like the only things they can do are fight back or leave, kinda tough place to be in.

Then again, if you kick me out of my home, drive me to a dirt lot, and tell me to live there from now on, I'm gonna come back with the meanest things I can to try to reclaim my home, or at least make it unlivable for those who kicked me out. Palestinians who fight for their liberation aren't doing any different. The original settlements purchased by European Zionists are tiny little places, and they were bought long before the World War era. Everything else Israel has gained has been through military action.
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