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quanimal, thats about the equivalent of saying that slaves deserve to be slaves because they were born into it, and have never experienced life outside of slavery.

people should be able to persue a life that is better, and it seems to me, that with every year, the republic is keeping knowledge of a better life from the peolple under it, and because of this, the republic gains more power, both militarily and psychologically, while at the same time, the people lose power.

Since the wormhole has collapsed, the people on auraxis have a glimpse of the better life, and realize that their life is one of oppression, one where they are forced to think a certain way, and by doing that have begun to lose their humanity, for humanity IS thinking and thinking independantly.
as i see it, this is a battle for humanity.

in other words, NC ALL THE WAY, BITCH!
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