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Despite the beautiful weather they had that day on Auraxis the young Lt. Dio was not happy, he had been listening to this fool for a good 10mins now and could no longer hold his tongue while the republic representative spoke to the crowd. His anger suddenly emerged as he confidently stood up and interrupted the representative.

*Grabs mic*

Ladies and gentleman I cannot stand here and let this go on any further! Listen not to this Republic fool! He twists the truths and blurs the facts!! He still lives in the past. The vanu have left us a great gift. We must you these marvels to further advance our race. Already the republic has benefited from the rebirthing technology, now that we the Vanu Sovereignty have possession of this alien technology they claim to fear it and demand that we put a stop to the progress of the human race! Rise up my brothers, we must not fear the unknown but embrace it and overcome our weaknesses!! We the Vanu Sovereignty welcome any and all of you to join us. We do not want war unlike these 2 other parties both hell-bent on annihilating each other and the human race, we simply wish to peacefully co-exist as we use the Vanu relics to usher the human civilization into a new era.

Evolve. Improve. Transcend! Join the Vanu Sovereignty!

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I say to you Mr. Dev.
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