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Re: An absolute must when considering the new resource changes

Originally Posted by PredatorFour View Post
They must take into consideration continental locking. When an empire gets zero'd (it will happen at some point) them players are going to be pissed when they cant pull any tank/plane from their warpgate cos they have no resources.

When this happens they possibly need another way of getting resources for your empire. Say going behind enemy lines and 'draining' resources from another empire for your own benefit. Give the 'drainers' XP for doing it(possibly another role for infil)

I also hope when they overhaul the resource system they are not tight with it like they are now i.e. if your not subbed its painfully slow gain. It was fine before they tweaked it.
The warpgate is the power plant for everything, so it will not be running out of energy.

Remember, the energy of the base is what gives you your resources, so since the Warpgate is the powerplant... it will be difficult to drain it of energy, it's the one thing that wont just loose all power after a time.

But yeah, you will totally be able to take energy from the enemy bases or nodes wherever

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