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Re: Aircraft Garage/Hangars

So they put in another jump pad and a huge garage in for attackers. Facilities shouldn't be pro-attacker, but be designed to be pro-defender, where a smaller force can entrench against a larger force. What facility commander would design facilities like these with such blatant vulnerabilities?

I don't like the garages on Esamir because they're designed for attackers. All the defender's vehicle terminals should get the garage. And hate the teleporters that don't put the defenders any closer to the capture points. And the overboard walls as a "solution" that rob too much from a combined arms play, rather then using 10+ different other mechanics to make facilities better.

I like to see hangers embedded into the cliffs in SE Indar accessed by facility defenders via teleporters, and guarded with AA and gattling turrets at the mouth. Scrap Scarred Mesa's open air platform and embed it down below into the plateau midway up. Perhaps a set of elevators depositing troops there and all the way to the top is the attack point.
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