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Re: PS going FTP

Well, thats it then, on April 2nd PS1 will finally die.

Seriously guys, think for a sec, how can this turn out?

a: Nobody plays it. Unlikley.
b: People play it. Numbers dont actually matter here. the issue is a different one: With no entry barrier, theres absolutly zero to stop cheaters. Theres no Anti Cheat, no GMs, no dev support, nothing. It wont take long till the asshats of our community show up with their cheats and wipe away all fun. And they would come along every single time you guys try to get some pop going in PS1.

But theres still time.

I suggest the following: Some of you, the clever ones, gather up, send a mail to smed (one, dont spam him!), try to get some of your guys kick/ban powers, or at least some of the PS2 GMs to also take care of PS1 Cheaters (Skype does wonders ).

You absolutly need someone to take care of hackers, or you wont even be able to hide in an Interlink from all the flying, instagibbing scatmaxes.

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