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The thing I love about this the most, is that every few months or after each year, I can go to a big forum, and put the download link to Planetside 1 up, and randomly get 100 more people playing, rather then get 1 or 2 guys who make a trial account. Now it will be 20-50 guys downloading it to give it a shot. Then as the weeks go on, if the thread gets bumped, another 20-50 guys, or more. Maybe they will put up a little side website for Planetside 1 at the very least to tell of achievements/merits and leaderboards for each week/year or all time kill/xp leaderboard continued after a certain date, April 2, 2014 might be a good idea to start the new kill leaderboard. We could have our overall kill count there, and the new kill leaderboard kill count added from April 2, 2014 onward, we start off at 0 kills on that leaderboard, this way we can have a kill/xp/basehacks/outfit points leaderboard from a certain date onward.

Kill Leaderboard (April 2, 2014 onward) - 0 Kills onward
Experience Points Leaderboard (April 2, 2014 onward) - 0 xp onward
Outfit Points Leaderboard (April 2, 2014 onward) - 0 outfit points onward

We have our kill count/xp count totals on the side of our stats sheet, or something like that.
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