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Re: Low FPS? Ailos' guide to having a better experience V2. (Updated 1/21/13)

Originally Posted by BIGGByran View Post
Any chance you can make different setting for say:

High End Graphics and a FX-8120. So basically Turn Ultra setting on Graphics Card items but Turn off or low the settings that is CPU intensive items.

I see you have Ultra, High, and Low, but I guess I'm in the middle where my graphics card is good but my CPU isn't and would like the benifit to use my graphics card to it max while minimizing the CPU use.

Graphics Card: GTX 670
CPU: FX-8120
Ram: 16GB 1333mhz 4 Sticks.

I found this a while back, dunno if this will help or not, but thought I would share to see what you think.
I advise you to use the "High Performance" set, save for the following changes:

And down in Sound, turn your MaxVoices down to 75-80.

You could also download GeForce Experience and let it optimize the settings for you (it will probably put them mostly in the same setup).

As far as the other article - most of the stuff in it is duplicated one way or another in here. Everything I've written about, I've personally tried on one of my machines and had found to be of benefit, so I make it a habit of not posting stuff until I know it worked for me at least. The "Pre-rendered frames" setting seems an interesting one, and I'll play around with that next time I have the chance. I suspect it'll be helpful in single-GPU setups, but I would also think my Crossfired 5770's are going to be really twitchy if I don't let them pre-render stuff in advance. We'll see in a few weeks (I have a big update for this guide coming up anyway).
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