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Re: Do you want more common pool or more empire specific stuff?

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
You have to look at it from an advertising perspective, not the perspective we see. Bigger numbers = bigger eyeballs.
I'm pretty sure we had the 11 number before the pre-orders went up. We were discussing which 11 vehicles they'd referred to not long after FanFaire. If you consider the new skills system, 11 seems reasonable.

ESMBT, ESBuggy, ATV, Buggy (Harasser/SG), Lightning, Mossie, Reaver, Lib, AMS and two of the Deli, Lode or Sunderer.

That encompasses all but one of the vehicles in PS1 minus the ancient tech and phantasm. Oh, and the ANT...but I wouldn't be surprised if that had disappeared.

Originally Posted by Chaff View Post
Poaching weapons off the enemy, and hacking their vehicles is not only fun - it's REALISTIC. It's LAME if SOE chooses NOT to put this in right from the start.
Again...there's Earth-like trees on Auraxis, a planet we reached by traversing a wormhole. Realistic got thrown out the window a long, long time ago.

I'm fairly sure we got confirmation in the Reddit Q&A that inventories won't be in PS2, so being able to loot people would be fairly pointless as we'd have no way to pick up their equipment anyway...

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