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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
The Map Tutorial is new, check it out. I know the button is in a not very discoverable place but that'll be fixed in another update. It's a lot more detailed than the previous map tutorial that popped up the first time you opened it. It was my attempt at explaining how the map is organized and how to figure out what is going on when you look at it.

The tutorial changes were relatively minor in this update. Mostly they were adjustments based on usage data in an attempt to make it a bit easier to get through for more players.

The change where vehicles, jump pads, and generators is added is still coming. I got most of it done but still needs art polish and for me to run through it a few hundred more times to iron out any kinks. I think I could probably run through the tutorial with the monitor turned off at this point
Suggestion? Give Certs for completing portions of the tutorial so new players might feel less like they're wasting their time in a tutorial instead of runnin' and gunnin'.

It'll also give them a reason to come back and finish off the tutorial in-case they get bored halfway and skip it.
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