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well then they can go suck a big one. this game clearly advertises what it sets out to do, and if they want to change that it wont happen.
agree. Planetside 2 is amazing exactly because it does things differently. If they go after COD or BF, the game will die within a year. I play Battlefield 3 and love it, but its a different experience, not necessarily better or worse

that said, next gen im going with the PS4 as my main console. One feature that would definitely have me playing on that machine would be the ability to use my PC character on the PSN servers. Im certainly not going to upgrade and cert a new soldier, so the only way i'd play this more than a day would be if i had the chance to use the same character that im using right now, and having xp and certs sync between platforms. I also plan on getting premium later on (right now, i cant really afford it ), so it'd be nice if the same subscription could be valid on the PS4 version as well

even if i dont end up playing on PS4, its certainly a good think to have a influx of new players to help keep the game viable to the developers the more, the better. Have already been singing the praises of PS2 to my console friends. Theyre really intrigued by my promise of the game being a trully "next gen experience!". And they get blown away when they see videos of a zerg assault

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