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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Ill just put you on ignore Ratstomper, because you are just an insulting troll who refuses to understand the scenario is not just between empires but within empires as well the moment players have a choice what units to grab. Meaning everytime you grab a unit and your two buddies can as well it is relevant. It is a scenario that is not hypothetical, but absolutely critical every time you run with a group. If it's worse than the other ALTERNATIVES (alternatives being the other options in combinations of vehicles for players to pull), it's NOT a valid alternative. And since it's advantage is crap because you get to be outnumbered without endurance advantages in contrast to the other situations, you're not going to pick that alternative. Meaning it directly discourages use of teamwork vehicles by design!

Meanwhile, your scenario of one vs three is rarer in game than 3 vs 3. You are completely inept in analysis and just an insulting troll at this point. Ironic cause you always accuse me of that.

You don't get that. Looks like you never will. Even if it's spelled out for you. You don't realise this was true for every day PlanetSide use and will again be true for PS2 because the only difference in context that's relevant in gameplay is how you CAN use a team vehicle: solo. You are therefore a horrible balancer. And I mean absolutely horrible.

Nobody should ever listen to you Ratstomper. You can't honestly imagine I'm right simply by denouncing anything I say as hypothetical? Evolution is "just a theory" to you as well, right?

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