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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Meaning everytime you grab a unit and your two buddies can as well it is relevant. It is a scenario that is not hypothetical, but absolutely critical every time you run with a group. If it's worse than the other ALTERNATIVES (alternatives being the other options in combinations of vehicles for players to pull), it's NOT a valid alternative. And since it's advantage is crap because you get to be outnumbered without endurance advantages in contrast to the other situations, you're not going to pick that alternative. Meaning it directly discourages use of teamwork vehicles by design!
On paper yes it has more damage potential, but in practice it could be completely different. For example coming from battlefield 3 (the tanks seem to be based off this game) to PS1 the first thing I noticed about tank combat was that it was much more mobile and happened at longer ranges. Why? Because of the separate driver gunner combo, if you could solo a tank in battlefield like two people operate a Vanguard in PS1 you would destroy enemy tanks without them getting a shot off on you. Not to mention it will be cheaper on resources (though we don't really know how much that will matter). There are some scenarios (close range could be one) where 2 individual tanks could be more useful, however at longer ranges on more open fields I fully believe that a gunner driver combo could easily take out (or at least keep at bay) 2 enemy tanks.

3 people to operate a MBT seems a little unnecessary (see prowler from PS1) to me but I would love to see the addition of heavy tanks later that require more people to operate with increased fire-power and lower speed maybe.

To be clear I think it would also make complete sense to give the 2 player tanks a stat boost as well, so I do agree with your suggestion, I just think its less likely for that to happen, as more has to be changed. Simply allowing the secondary gunner to control the main gun is an easier fix and IMO is very useful IF you have a gunner you can communicate effectively. Which is why the option should be there. If you think that it is a useless cert, then you don't have to get it. That is the beauty of certs and side-grades, they allow for different play styles.
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