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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
Maybe you should not argue about the balance between the two variants. There are too many variables to come to a conclusion on that without actually seeing them in game.
What we should try to achieve is to get this cert in a form how it can be implemented. The balance in power can be addressed later.
I thought we already had an idea to make it work and we were weighing out how it stacked up against the standard variant. Introduce the third guy to act as a second gunner. The issue would be giving the magrider a movable turret without giving the standard magrider one. Again, what good will it do to make the new variant substantially better than the original?

THIS is the perfect time to hammer the idea out, imo. Also, I like the sidegrade idea form the other thread. No need to cert it, just have it a standard option on all MBTs from the get-go.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Ill just put you on ignore Ratstomper
Thank god.

Meanwhile, your scenario of one vs three is rarer in game than 3 vs 3. You are completely inept in analysis and just an insulting troll at this point. Ironic cause you always accuse me of that.
Again, missing my point.

You don't get that. Looks like you never will. Even if it's spelled out for you. You don't realise this was true for every day PlanetSide use and will again be true for PS2 because the only difference in context that's relevant in gameplay is how you CAN use a team vehicle: solo. You are therefore a horrible balancer. And I mean absolutely horrible.
Whatever you have to tell yourself.

Nobody should ever listen to you Ratstomper. You can't honestly imagine I'm right simply by denouncing anything I say as hypothetical? Evolution is "just a theory" to you as well, right?
Does this mean we aren't friends anymore?

Originally Posted by Lumberchuk View Post
Ya, that's a good point, but if we can get the cert in early, there will be more time to balance it. Right now I don't think the cert exists in game.
The issue with balance is that we won't be able to do it properly until it's put in game and we see how it stacks up. The best course of action is making sure the implementation is solid, isn't taking away from the current game and isn't adding things that are unnecessary. That's the first step.

Ya I like that idea, it should also work for if you have driver-gunner a secondary gunner too, since it sounds like that will be under used as well since you can just pull a MBT and a lightning instead.
The issue with giving shields is that you're giving bonuses to players not for how they play, but just because they've got a bunch of guys in one vehicle. We don't give shield bonuses for being in a liberator or any other multi-manned vehicle. Why do it with the MBTs if the idea isn't to make the variant better, but simply allow a certain playstyle with it? Vehicle survival isn't about how much health you have, it's largely dependent on how you play. That's how it was in PS1 and I've got a suspicion that's how it'll be in PS2. If someone is being stupid with their tank, they're going to die regardless of how much armor they have.

The issue with the lightning instead of a secondary gunner doesn't hold water. A lightning cannot cover a tank from 360 degrees like a gunner can. There would be TONS of line of sight issues, because a lightning (or ANY separate vehicle) can only cover from one side. This could work in some situations, but certainly not in most.

For all Figment's talk about pulling units from the field, he doesn't seem to realize that a lightning has better things to do than babysit an MBT who didn't want to bother to get a gunner...

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