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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
It seamed to me that you two were wearing off topic in the direction of personal debate. Any constructive remark is welcome of course.
some of it was irrelevant. I tried saying it wasn't what the thread was for, but some people insist on arguing.

I do not belive we need to make it stronger, people underestimate how important situational awareness will be. Comming from BF where you only have to keep an eye at a maximum of 16 people, this is no surprise, however in PS2 16 people will be what we will find on top of a small hill, not the entire map. Being aware of what is going on can increase the overall efficancy of the vehicle enough to make up for the need of one more gunner (or loss of one turret).
I completely agree.

If it turns out that it's still not enough, maybe an enhanced radar could be added to the dedicated driver tanks.
Yes. I think the idea, as presented, is fairly solid and if it's a big issue when we actually get some beta test data, THEN we can worry about tweaking stats and numbers.

Keep on hammerin'

Sidegrade or a cert that is free, I don't see the diffrence. I went with cert, because those are already implemented in the game system while selectable modifications of a vehicle (not cert based) are not.

A cert you already learn when creating the character should do the job in my opinion.
I'm not sure if there are standard sidegrades you get with vehicles from the beginning or if they all require certs. If there are some variations you can use from the get go, this should just be one of them, imo.

Now all we have to do is solve the magrider thing. We can't give a rotating turret to standard magriders (the controls won't allow it) and we can't give a rotating turret to the 3-man variant magrider (because it doesn't work on the original variant). The question is: Is there a large enough advantage discrepancy there that people will always pick the 3-man variant for the sake of effectiveness instead of what playstyle they think is fun?

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