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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
I do not belive we need to make it stronger, people underestimate how important situational awareness will be. Comming from BF where you only have to keep an eye at a maximum of 16 people, this is no surprise, however in PS2 16 people will be what we will find on top of a small hill, not the entire map. Being aware of what is going on can increase the overall efficancy of the vehicle enough to make up for the need of one more gunner (or loss of one turret).
Please, widen the scope of debate, Azren, you too are thinking of one unit with one driver, who's awareness is being enhanced by adding gunners. That's not true however, since you overlook the group awareness of allies is greater than that of the one player in his little tank.

In an existing team of three, enhanced situational awareness of a single unit is not an significant added benefit, because the three will already pretty much have it anyway.

For the single unit yes, but then you're isolating your designing perspective to the one unit again and that's the whole point that is continuously missed: this is a massive multiplayer game, you design unit interaction for players on multiple levels. You can't look at an isolated unit.

Btw, you say there's 16 units on that hill? Those 16 could be firing at THREE tanks or focusing on one. So that cancels out very swiftly because sure, some might miss once or twice more, but instead of 3x 16/3 firing at one tank or having to decide which tank to fire at first, you'll have 16 firing at one tank. So really, numerically the odds and survival time go down, fast, in that scenario.

They need armour buffs. Period.
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