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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Talek Krell View Post
Not just more damage potential but more survivability and more tactical flexibility as well. And since the number of individuals working together in either scenario is two, I doubt they're really losing much in the way of situational awareness.
Again all these things are on paper. More damage relies on you hitting your target (which will be much easier with a gunner driver combo), more survivability of 2 tanks in terms of pure HP, but again, a target on the move is much harder to hit (also driver can focus on driving more e radically between shots). More tactical flexibility, that the 2 tanks may have an advantage slightly, but in standard range open terrain tank on tank combat, the 2 man tank will perform much better, and retreating to repair is much easier with a dedicated driver, not to mention the ability to shoot back while the vehicle is being repaired.

At long ranges in battlefield 3's tank vs tank combat, a moving tank is pretty hard to hit, even harder when it swerves and changes speeds. However driving like that is not a viable tactic because its almost impossible to concentrate on shooting as well.

Originally Posted by Talek Krell View Post
The sole quantifiable downside is the cost and while I don't dismiss that entirely I believe that cost is and should be used to keep people from being suicidal with their equipment rather than to pose a significant barrier to entry.
Yeah I agree with you on this, I don't want to be stuck without a tank because my empire can't hold enough territory, but we don't yet know how the system works that's why I included it.
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