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Am I missing the point of this? Am I crazy to think that the entire motivation for playing Planetside 2 is to take over the world? It's an eternal struggle against the other 2 factions to dominate the world of Auraxis, right?


What this points to is that SOE has strayed so far from the core Planetside elements that they've nothing left to do but insert "match" based combat into longer timeframes that usual. This is no MMOFPS, it's just instanced continents with very long matches that don't reset landmass control when said event is over. This is not war, it's battles and skirmishes in different places on a big map.

I still cannot believe that you have to run events to promote competition and in the end all it has done is imbalance the populations with encouraging the 4th faction after a year into the game. Pick a side already. Go back and learn from the mistakes of PS1 and lessen the effects of population imbalance with dynamic xp and/or damage bonuses for low pop factions. People will switch to the low pop to get the bonuses. Events like this promote faction hopping.

Malorn, this crap of handing a faction or participtaing players a boost, or medal, or special snowflake in a crystal box is just crap. Most people want to hack an enemy vehicle, to jump a warpgate to continue on a lattice line for continent locks, to actually have to worry about defense of a base, to have control of a significant landmass mean something. To push the opposing force back to their respective home continent so that thereare 666 opposition soldiers sitting in their warpgate to push back onto Auraxis and release your jackboot from their neck. I want a goddamn bridgefight or a tower battle like in PS1. Footholds and chokepoints to drag out the death and destruction. I want concrete trees, dude. I want perm cloak and darklight. I want snipers and infils separated. I want finite certs and remove class switching. Remove classes. I want your chosen cert trees to define the playstyle you choose. I want CE deployables and doors.

Man, we want a game that is fun to play, not a fun event every now and then inside of the game. The big picture man! Make the game fun and interesting and playable. The game, not some damn event.
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