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Originally Posted by Ailos View Post
The CPU intensive part of PS2 comes from its need for fast memory - CPUs with lots of cache and access to fast RAM do better than older models with more athsmatic memory controllers. AMD's Phenom II is one of those CPUs with an athsmatic memory controller (because it's 6-8 years old now).

My crossfire rig was originally a Phenom II X4 955 that I'd overclocked, too, and I was beginning to have this issue, too. One day, I tried to bump it up another couple hundred MHz to eek out at least some playable performance, but it was too much. I bought an FX-4130 - on paper, it's actually worse than the 955 (because some of its resources are shared), but it DOES have a faster memory controller with a little more bandwidth that was able to use more of my DDR3-2133 kit's speed. Even before I overclocked it, that extra memory bandwidth made a huge difference in terms of how smooth everything became in heavier fights. FPS would still go low at first (from 60 down to 25-30), but at least it'd be consistent and didn't twitch much.

So point is, look at your RAM and see that it's used at its max rated speed. Phenom's controller tops out at only -1333, though, so to go faster you'll have to start messing with BCLK settings.
This guy is correct if you have an Overclocking board make sure your ram is running at its peak speed I had this problem with my I7 950 bumped up the BCLK 200 mhz and set my ram to its proper setting and dont have problems like this no more. And on that note be sure your RAM timings are correct in the bios for your board, as some boards will down clock your ram and require you to munually enter the proper timings to achive there rated speed.
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