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It is annoying to be moving towards an NC base and see the 5-10 phoenix missles wandering towards you (and they still do 50 dammage to Inf, so not useless in any way!) However, and I've said this before... Get inside a base with a Chaingun, and watch the NC fall like wheat.

I have no problem with the Phoenix, let it be an uber weapon that only works out side durring the initial stages of an attack. I'd rather be good in the assault then in knocking Reavers outa the sky. Reavers don't take bases, CQB in Reinforced does that. And ATM TR with a Chaingun is near unstoppable in that regard. (by anything short of a MAX)

The thing is ATM every NC guy is taking AV and not bothering with Heavy... I can't even say how well the Jackhammer works because every NC assaulter I see is armed with a Gauss and a Phoenix. And the Gauss don't cut mustard when up against Other factions heavy weapons. I love all the complaints about "I'm 5 feet away shooting the TR guy with my Gauss and he kills me with a chaingun... it must be too powerful and should be nerfed!!!" It's a Heavy weapon, designed to mow down INF

The phoenix, and the Stryker, and what ever the Shrooms use are AV weapons... they should be (and are when used properly) good at taking down vehicles.

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