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I was thinking more along the lines of agile with a specialized sub machine gun. Something slightly better than the suppressor. As for gen dropping and killing tubes I've found the pay off for doing those to not be worth the effort. Generally in a big fight if your don't have a squad ready to move in your not going to make a significant impact. Mainly because the defenders are generally dug in well enough for a reac team to hunt you down and fix the damage.
Granted you get the sense of accomplishment. I act more as a scout and eliminate high value targets.
I'm not entirely sure we'll have generators and destroyable respawning tubes this time around. My idea was more like someone that goes behind the lines, preferably with a team of heavy cloakers, and shuts down vital facilities temporarily, such as vehicle terminals, and if facilities have benefits, could blow the control consoles for those too. Even key vehicles such as artillery, parked galaxies, etc. Maybe even assassination? Take out a leader guy so he can't drop an OS or some other game changer during an assault, at least for the duration he's out of the fight.

For the most part, front line acquisition is supposed to take seconds. Hack something, wait a few moments, it's yours. Heck, simply having a presence in the area seemingly takes areas if we're to interpret the explanation of the hex system that way. Taking something deep in enemy territory takes considerably longer. I like to think a small team of heavy cloakers might make that more interesting for the response team to sniff out.
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