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Originally posted by Headrattle
But, I think you might as well add all of the servers(east,west, central) for now, so we can get organised beforehand.
Actually... I don't know the official server names yet... they have not been released. People have speculated that the server names will represent their location (e.g. US East), but that is not the case according to one of the Developer's Chats.

I asked "Briley" in the PSU IRC channel about when the server names will be released, and he did not say when that would happen (and mentioned that he did not know them yet either!).

Certainly I want to know ASAP so that I can make the necesary adjustments to OpCenter's Infrastructure. I also plan to provide a one-time-use utility for users to move their account and outfits from the Test server to a new server, when the names are put in place.

-- CyberHawke, OpCenter Admin
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