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Originally posted by =NCG=Big Bro
Keep up the good work. Our community NEEDS something like this, whether it's a web page or some other way of keeping track of events. I think this will play a key role in helping to maintain alliances. I'd like to see alliance functionality where outfits can band together and create missions for their alliance to view. That would make a big difference in my opinion. Right on!
You're in luck! When you create a mission, you have the opportunity to choose additional participants. By default, the list contains every outfit (including the general pool of non-outfitted personnel*) from your empire, on your server. Click the "Select" button to add (CTRL-LEFT click) additional outfits to the mission roster. Upon submission, the event will show up on the outfit calendars of each selected otufit.

* Since the common pool outfit does not require a password to join, missions displayed on the calendar for the common pool are at risk of discovery by persons from other empires who choose to spy. Outfit calendars are password protected (you have to be a member of the outfit) and as such can only be discovered if someone leaks the information.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback. I certainly hope it is used upon game release!

-- CyberHawke, OpCenter Admin
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