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Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
Interesting speech by Romney. Looks like they're refocusing their campaign away from just pandering the far right and focusing on the poor and middle class. His previous comments might hurt him, but I doubt most conservatives heard them.
Romney: "I'm not concerned about the very poor."

Whatever his campaign is I think focusing on the poor isn't going to be a serious part of it. Besides, the poor people who vote Republican are stupid enough that they'll keep voting Republican no matter what, so he doesn't need to woo those types.

The middle class is what it's really going to come down to. Everyone knows Obama is in favour of stuff like the Buffett Tax, letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire, and so on. So the very wealthy probably won't be mobile this election. But enough people still buy the bullshit supply-side economics that failed during Reagan's time and failed during Dubya's time and failed during Obama's time that Romney coming out and talking about how he's going to help middle class people by helping the rich get richer will probably be a serious tactic.
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