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PS1 finally going to crap?

Second night in a row I've seen blatant team killing. Last night some guy thought it would be good to login to the NC empire and TK us cause someone else from our team logged into their empire and screwed up a LLU run. No biggie, crap prob happens all the time and the guy had a sore butt. Oh well.

Tonight, there was a mass TKing event held by CN. We were attacking Azeban, had like 50% pop on our team and TR only had 18%. Couldn't even get in the damn base. I put my AMS in the center of the CY and then tried to go inside. Almost killed a pounder max then I get killed by a NC CN in a tank. Then I see a whole bunch of NC CN just mass killing NC at the AMS. I deconned my AMS and logged... When this started happening there was a CN broadcasting to the cont in chinese. Like some sort of mass invasion of CN. Pretty bad it was....
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