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"Lawless" Continents

I posted this in the wild speculation thread but as I have a whole lunch hour with nothing better to do I thought I'd dump this idea in more detail here.
Note that this is an ultra-long term idea. As in, I wouldn't expect to see something like this until AT LEAST 2 years after release.

The Basics

Add one or more new continents that have special rules regarding factions. When on these continents the 3 factions effectively don't exist and you don't get passive resource flow from them. Instead, players build their own factions out of outfits or a collection of outfits and manage their own resource acquisition and that sort of thing.

Getting to the Continents

If your outfit controls territory in the continent, you can warp directly to that territory. Otherwise you must use a special drop pod system. The drop pods can be aimed but you can only drop in on the outskirts of the continent and there is no capturable territory near the outskirts. This is the only way I can think of getting around spawn camping in a scenario where everyone might end up killing each other.

It might be an idea to let people drop vehicles too at a heavy premium (like x3 the price or something) just so they have a chance against any forces they meet closer to the center.

Player Factions

Outfits are self contained factions when on these lawless continents. You can use any base your outfit owns but no others. There is no friendly fire penalty on the lawless continents, but obviously if you shoot your comrades a lot you may get kicked from the outfit and lose your spawning/resource privileges.

Outfits of the same faction can (and probably will) fight each other for land. They can also form alliances with outfits of the opposing factions.

At least two outfits can form an Alliance, this means they can share resource income and base spawning rights between each other. Alliances do not have to be between outfits of the same faction. What alliance you belong to is ignored when on the vanilla continents.

Just as outfits can customize permissions etc for their different ranks they also gain the ability to assign a percentage of resource income players get. Any left over is added to the outfits "bank". Certain ranks can be granted access to the bank to splurg on vehicles and other things.

Special rules for combat

There would be two major differences here:

1) There is no grief system. Kill anyone you feel like.
2) You don't get resources from kills/combat, however territory gives a much bigger boost than controlling territory on the vanilla continents.

Basically this is just to try and avoid the whole thing becoming a massive free-for-all deathmatch and become more of a war over land between outfits.

Base upgrades and all that Jazz

Bases on these continents start out smaller and with less features than on the ones the major factions fight over. They start out without any sort of wall or advanced vehicle production facilities, they can just be used for respawning and buying flashs and buggies.

Outfits can spend banked resources on upgrading the bases defences and unlocking vehicles for it to produce, they can also upgrade the resource output of a base. I think it's probably a good idea to limit the amount of upgrades you can apply, so people can't build total uber-forts. Instead outfits need to think carefully about whether to create a specialised base or one that does a mix of roles less effectively. Upgrades take a certain amount of time to apply and only one can be developed at a time.

When you capture a base it will lose a few of its upgrades at random, outfits can also choose to remove upgrades to stop their enemies using them but this takes a little time.


That's basically it. Sorry for the wall of text, tried to keep it as short as possible.

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