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Originally Posted by Gugabalog View Post
This was already defined in Malorns Planetside Manifesto but...

In the case of an objective based MMOFPS it can be defined as:

Production rate: Longer ques mean more wait time and a slower reaction with heavier firepower. (I.E. Spawn Tubes, Vehicle Terminals, Air Terminals)

Travel Time: The time it takes to get to a battle.

Communication: This can result in the proper counters to enemy forces being equipped or prepared prior to reengagement.

Zerg size: The more zerg players involved in the inevitable zerg the greater the weight on enemy logistics to resist them as well as coordinated groups.

These things and various other factors can give a force the edge needed to win battle after battle in a non-phyrric style and eventually the greater conflict. This is because gaining local superiority in a territory based mmofps means the difference between breaking through the enemy lines and a meat grinder.

EDIT: And the point in my defining this was?
Wrong. Logistics is an unbroken visible interdiction'able chain of supply going from manufacturing facility to player avatar. Logistics is what makes a front line a front line, and it has never been simulated before in any game so stop using the word.

Originally Posted by Phisionary View Post
If it takes five human players (magically teleported or not) to do what an electric motor could probably do--even in real life, today--it's still a problem of logistics.

If artillery is slightly mobile (deploy-to-fire), almost-uselessly soloable (who would defend it?), requires LOS targeting, and needs to be actively defended to be of substantial use... I think it can be both balanced and fun to play.
A) Stop using the word logistics, you don't know what it means.

B) The flail was slightly mobile and only soloable, which is why it is OP and won't exist in PS2.

Originally Posted by Xenostalker View Post
If you want to tow around artillery and AT emplacements, go try out WWII online.

It's cool at first: realism is neat. After a while..... zzzzzzzzzzzzz
It has nothing to do with realism, it has everything to do with balance. SPA won't exist or it will be nerfed into uselessness.

Originally Posted by Graf View Post
How about giving the sunderer the ability to call in an orbital strike, or something of that nature, and use that as the artillery peice. No additional modeling required, though not as cool. This would allow the sunderer to act as more than a transport, and satisfy the artillery people.
I-win buttons that can't be countered is lame.
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