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Re: Resource System Proposal: Feedback Requested

a lot of the points are very valid, but the nanite costs per spawn etc. are very much like Dust514 and it has its problems as well.

For one, if your team is pinned, its hard to get resources without farming, and it can be very frustrating, and boring on its own.

Also a lot of the changes you propose, simply wont happen like doubling the size of the continents. Then again, I said a lattice wouldn't happen either, but I am fairly confident this time that doubling the continent size wont happen .

Next, it shouldn't take a PhD to figure out how much you are getting. I know it may not seem as complicated to you, but I had to read many sections twice and still there are some points I am not sure why they needed to exist in the first place.

That said, its very interesting and worth some discussion. Its not perfect, but it has some good points.
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