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Re: Resource System Proposal: Feedback Requested

Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
ok, i admit TLR
but i scrolled through and ended up at your analysis of TTK.
and i have to say, that´s a very detailed and exact analysis of the problem!

for me this is the biggest problem planetside 2 has.
the low ttk that takes away any tactical options once the enemy is near.
who shoots first wins. no matter what weapon you are using.

in small map arena games a low ttk is no problem because you are back to what you were doing before you died in seconds. but in a game where it takes a long time to get to the fight and where you have to wait for ressourcegain before you can pull your vehicle or max again, a fast death always sucks.

and 99% of my deaths feel like being one hit instagibbed.

i would say increase all hitpoints by at least 100-200%
then do another balance pass and you have enough range to balance the weapons properly and maybe the faction perks would finally work.
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