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How about a more civil approach..

Before Lex's thread drags this topic down the level of the beta boards..

Having been an NC player more than the other factions I'll say this..

Is the Pheonix overpowered for its cost? Most likely yes...

Here's an idea though, instead of just saying "it sucks it sucks it sucks".. Why not offer new suggestions on what you could be done to improve it.. Talk about how NC weapons as a whole could be better balanced to offset any changes to the Pheonix, anything.. Otherwise, your posts just end up in the same pile as 99% of the beta board ones on the pheonix, inflamatory..
For all those who say "you should be beta testing", ok its been documented to death that many people don't like the pheonix, done. The 500th post on the subject doesn't make you a better beta tester, just that you're a borderline cyber-stalker on the concept of the NC Pheonix.. By this point, if its going to be fixed, the devs are already looking into it.. All this brow beating on NC players to "repent the ways of the pheonix" is as much a "terran fanboy" thing, as nerf the chaingun is an NC one.. Its stupid..

How about a constructive list on the kinds of things that would make the pheonix fair..

Line of sight? If its possible for the devs to implement, sure..
You could make the turning radius even more broad to limit the rocket's maneuverability.
You could increase the overall speed of the rocket 20-30% also thereby making it harder to control, but not impossible..
I also saw a suggestion once about the rocket being 'laser guided" like the rocket launcher from Half Life, a suggestion i rather like.. Solves your LoS problem, makes it a bit harder to hit moving targets, than if you had a camera in the nose..

Any other ideas?

Overall its getting rediculous in those beta forums, I've seen a thread wanting to downgrade just about every weapon the NC have.. Eventually it looks less and less like objective beta testing and more and more like poor sport whining.. Nevermind that a suggestion to tone down the chaingun (regardless of the posters intent) is met with the same rabid defense as pheonix users generate over their weapon.. Everyone has an opinion, and just because you, as a terran player, think the chaingun is balanced or the pheonix isn't doesn't make it true. So jumping on NC players for defending the pheonix, AND jumping on those who suggest the chaingun might be overpowered? Pot? Kettle Black?

Whether or not other empires weapons should be altered is secondary. Still, some people's bias for one faction is just as bad as they accuse others of being.. At the point where you get "angry" about the pheonix, you know you've crossed the line between objective tester and passionate anti-weapon advocate.

For what its worth, I decided to jump back over to the terrans for a while to see if its all as bad as people have been saying.. I haven't seen anything yet that was so abusive it would make me run to the boards screaming to the devs..

In the end, you make your objective opinion on the weapons in planetside known, then suggest possible fixes.. Browbeating someone with your "opinion" over and over till they concede, isn't beta testing.. You're allowed to have differing opinions, and still be objective..
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