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I have sugested solutions to the phoenix. Many times. I have responded to so many threads now that it has become repetitive. This thread was meant to simply try and put a new perspective out to the NC players that seam to think it is ok to have an overpowered weapon as long as you have a weak one aswell.

As to the solutions, there are many.

Line of sight needs to be maintained. Even the striker needs to maintain the line of sight or the missle hits (user must keep target in reticule while missile is in flight or the missile goes into dumbfire mode) To do this you could either completely scrap the design and come up with a new one (self locking missile, you fire it and it flies dumb fire for a while then locks onto nearest enemy vehicle/max, with dumbfire ability) or you could make the weapon missile explode when line of sight is lost, or go dumbfire (like the striker) It would need a reload upgrade in this case, but anything to get rid of the artilery effect.
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