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Originally Posted by Meursault00
The 666th are a formidable foe and it is for that do I respect them.

But their deadliness comes from sheer numbers. Rarely do I see (as their enemy) the tactical strategies that they are said to employ/have employed. I do not see them flanking us, I do not see them setting up ambushes, I do not see them cutting a dozen of generators at once. I do not see them outside of their zerg. Perhaps it is what you don't see that counts, but perhaps not.

Fighting the 666th is like fighting a MAX crash. Indvidually, Maxes are easily taken out, but in number, their combined number and damage output will level everything else in it's way.

I don't hate the 666th, I hate the weapons they are given.
not entirely true. the 666th do control a large number of soldiers in a battle, but what you dont see or here about is the elite group of guys in 1 or 2 platoons on op nights. we have gal dropped generators, taken down populated spawn rooms single handedly, and essentially turned the tide of the battle, with no more then a handful of men.
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