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Making this work

Hey all, been lurking around here for a little while now and been keeping up with PS since well before release. I'm really hyped about this upcoming sequel much like the rest of you, or 'remake' as they're calling it.....but anyhow......

Let's say we're all working in the sales department for PS2. What do you guys think would be the best model for sustaining a playerbase high enough to maintain these thousand player battles the devs are aiming for and that we're all dreaming about. Being within reason and not just how you might want it personally, what do you think is one that would appeal to a high contingency of ppl, and at the same time provide the devs with the finances they need to maintain a quality grade, ever evolving, and cheat-free game.

I personally think the perfect financial model for PS2 would be the standard - buy the boxed copy (or digital download equivalent), then charge a very very reasonable sub fee, like $4.99 month (initiated after the first 30 days) which covers all expansions, together with a micro trans store for non gameplay affecting purchases only (armor decorations, outfit logos for vehicles, etc.)

My reason......with all the popular non-sub FPSs out there, and ones that will have come out by release time of PS2, the game needs to have a very reasonable subscription fee (which I think is necessary for a game of this magnitude and ambition) to keep players from drifting away to those other games and cutting off their subs. Then adding micros into the equation, it should make this model very feasible by allowing them to make up the difference to that of a standard AAA sub premium.

The business model for PS2 is most definitely going to be a major determing factor to the success of this game, and so what are other peoples ideas for a good model or what do you think about this one?
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