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Re: Making this work

Box cost, free-to-play with support for micros.
pay for content packs (new vehicles, guns etc new maps are awalys free to keep people playing together - not more powerful items though, never that!).

That box cost is a big recoup on buget but a sub of any kind is just dumb when it comes to energetic intesive shooters. People just can't put as much time into them as they can a more lesuierly game like WoW. Thus people have this state of mind they are wasting money if they only play on weekends etc - EVEN IF they would spend more money overall with free to play.

Guild Wars 2 is doing this perfectly - although we don't know what kind of other things they will sell yet.

Micro + Subs is the worst option. It feels like your being nickle and dimed as well as obligated to play as much as possible.
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