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Micro + Subs is the worst option. It feels like your being nickle and dimed as well as obligated to play as much as possible.

It's not micro + subs.....with that model the majority of the players would be paying just $4.99/mo (ppl spend more than that a month for the Sunday paper here in the US) which would be just a sub. BUT, those who have more funds than they know what to do with, and want to deck out their characters or outfits with "non-gameplay" affecting options only like I said would add a supplementary source of income for PS2. Ahead of this, I say they should have maybe a one-week free trial to let players experience the massive warfare and char advancement in PS2, and then they'll see how much game they're getting for a measley 5 bucks a month. Like others have said, I don't think a primarily F2P model would create the ideal playerbase nor atmosphere that we want to see in this game.

The thing about Planetside is that you'll want to draw in more cashflow than the standard instanced based FPSs, but much less than the WoWish behemoth RPG MMOs so such a minute subscription fee seems to be well within reason.
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