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At it's very base, the game should be Buy2Play. This way, anyone treating it like any other FPS can simply purchase the game and join in. If you pay for the subs, you get various perks towards training, or maybe getting to the front of the queue for a poplocked area. Offering convenience for subscription members is the best policy, but somewhere in there, there has to be the real hook. Speeding up training may seem like a "pay for power" play, but honestly, how many here would pay monthly simply to get moved to the front of the line for a poplock?

Then of course, we have cosmetic micro-transactions, which could include various different forms of sights, silencers, face masks, armor pieces, etc. Stuff that already exists in game already, and could even by tied to specific certs/skills, one would just have access to alternate models and textures.

B2P also discourages hackers, cheaters, and all other forms of rampant griefing a pure F2P would have. If any of them are willing to constantly shell out $60 for new accounts, an additional subscription wouldn't stop them. They'd probably never survive their first free month.
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