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Alien Incursion

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This whole idea is to completely abolish any long-term feeling of emptiness by low player populations. All you veterans may understand these game-pummelling moments, surely, in PlanetSide1!

Conditions to initiate automated Event:
  • Low player populations during Off-Peak Hours only.
  • (e.g. Weekend) Low player populations during Prime Off-Peak Hours only.
  • Low player populations Several Hours Below Average only.
  • Event must not have already happened within three days.
    *As said, these triggers substitute for low-pop emptiness feeling.

Sequential stages of Event:

  1. Aliens arrive as single super-sized entity (mothership) with aerial fighters of sorts. They slowly approach their Warpgate and deploy alien technicians. Technicians reconfigure Warpgate.
    > Humanity's Mission: Destroy mothership (Skirmish PvE).
  2. Aliens reconfigure a Warpgate. Alien ground units pouring through constantly!
    > Humanity's Mission: Reclaim Warpgate (Skirmish PvE) & Destroy mothership (Skirmish PvE).
  3. Whilst armies pour through the aliens deploy mineral extractors and xeno-terraformers. TR, NC & VS suffer more.
    > Humanity's Mission: Reclaim resource (PvEvP), Reclaim Warpgate (Skirmish PvE) & Destroy mothership (Skirmish PvE).
  4. Final phase, a single continent is completely claimed by the aliens!
    > Humanity's Mission: Fight together (Co-Op), against each other (PvEvP!), against the aliens (Skirmish PvE)! or face hypothetical Armageddon.
    *'Skirmish' - By skirmish I mean it isn't top priority. PvP and competition remains soul of PlanetSide.
How is it immersed? Well, we're on an alien planet with constant suspicion of alien intelligence somewhere in the universe. Fictional theorizing and character hysteria of total annihilation, and a reason of Terran Republic's motives and hardships. Read more of [Storyline: Alien Incursion]

Conditions to terminate automated Event:
  • Very High player population during Peak hours (Peak).
  • Very High player populations for Several Hours (Off-peak).
  • No dormant activity during prime-time weekend (Prime Peak)
  • Each Event Stage-1, Stage-2 or Stage-3 takes over 24 hours to succeed.
  • Alien mothership destroyed.
  • T-Ray logs-on as VS and wtfpwns his defilers!!
    *This is Control against PvE in PlanetSide & maintain server latencies.

Integration to current PlanetSide2 game:
  • What will they all look like?
  • How will feeling of overwhelming be matched with game balance? (Not PvP and NPC aimbot considered)
  • How can Lightforge make alien mothership look cool upon entering and idling within planet's atmosphere? (SHIFT-click this link).
  • Obviously likely to be a rare automated event which is perfectly cool for all of us. We prefer PvP in PlanetSide as do I.
  • GameMasters could actively participate only when Event begins! They could spawn as an alien Champion! We welcome GMs all the time, right?

Important Introductory to PlanetSide:
In my mind PvP is PlanetSide. If PvE gives the impression of a 'devolved PlanetSide' then it may just be the end of PlanetSide as we know it.

Interesting Storyline-related part: reasoning

What do they want? Resources and universal dominance.
How? Reclaim Auraxis to continue industrialization. Abolish humanity's evolution (Destroy their own tech!).
Why? Their culture and civilization for their technology and homeplanet amongst other theorizations.
When? Another alien-side story-telling chapter altogether.

PlanetSide's fictional history shows how alien technology and the Wormholes brought unity and evolution on Earth, and brought about the Terran Republic, stimulating the beliefs of the Vanu Sovereignty and amidst of it all juggled humanity's infrastructures hence the New Conglomerate, I guess.

But there's evidence of alien intelligent life, too though never seen... Their Warpgates and Auraxian settlements may still suggest aliens inter-galactic industrial plans. They may come back! Quite simply, they come back to trade, embargo or battle for their resources and compromises. Of course it leads to inclusive battling on Auraxis during its occupant's mind-state. Auraxis sought partiality where Earth found unity in the past.

Storyline: Alien Incursion

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