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Lightbulb Alien structures

The territorial captures that these so-called Anciants claim could spawn three building types, automated nanite-crystalline structures from the ground-up:
  • Alien 'fancy-named' Respawn Construct (MEDIUM. A cloaked Router-building for their Warpgate army)
  • Alien 'fancy-named' Ore Extractor (HARD. Highly-defended locations)
  • Alien 'fancy-named' Terraformers (-EASY. Lowly-defended locations. Self-defensive toxic air)

Originally Posted by CViolet View Post
Seems like an interesting idea. They could maybe even introduce small story elements or missions to give it more depth than just "clear the base of bugs until more people get into the game."
Yeah, maybe. Sounds cool for an introductory Event. Introductory being the start of this new addition to PlanetSide2, of course, and not forever in-game?

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