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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

I support this too!
And I support it... with a clip on YouTube!
But im not one of this trolls that wants to compare this with Halo, ok?
It just happens that this scene suits the topic very good.

and with this
- Maybe the drop starts in the orbit, you have to manually drive the droppot through potencial meteors and such,
and if this is to much, there should be a meteor-rain from time to time hitting down to the planets surface.

- The droppot can have problems opening when it lands unfavorable or get stuck in a swamp.
An Engineer could carry a highpower magnet but has to use the spot the mobil turret would normally be carried, to rescue the Pots Passenger from such a misfortune.

- With that he can even slow down moving vehicles as a last annoying resort and many Engineers can use it to even pull a Vehicle with it. With good timing and many of them, they could hinder the Pilots control of an Aircraft as well and make them crash in a wall or even the ground.

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