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Re: So.. I'm going to SOE Next week. Top Issues?

Sanctuaries - but as others have said they go together with a bunch of other issues, ie more continents with a conquest and a global strategic met-game.

@malorn .... (congratulations btw) ... I see the point about getting people (especially new people) into the action quicker but I'd argue that there are other issues to consider and are more important.

Is loading up in sanc and pressing esc+I quicker that loading up in a foothold and pressing esc+I? No I don't know that it is.

Or, as happens now, you load up and you speak to your outfit and your first question is -- this always happens now -- "which continent are we on?"

And for new people .... the first thing you do when you initially log in is to orientate yourself ...... many games have a 'bootcamp' type thing which introduces you to the basic controls and concepts; and wouldn't be good to have a VR? This type of stuff is best done in a safe zone.

There again there are many things in the game that are non-friendly - only one example if which is trying to navigate your way around facilities, how do I know which building are which?

The main issue right now is Auraxium gain (I'm sure Marlorn has ideas).
Ask about the status of the fourth continent. Is it Searhus and has conceptual work started.
Ask about the heavy infantry weapons, ie Lasher, Jackhammer and MCG ..... also ask what will be the effect on TTK? These weapons are supposed to have a quicker TTK than the other weapons, how how will they fit in game and are we going to see an even quicker ttk's overall?

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