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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
PS2 lacks several components (not an exhaustive list - there are more) which curtail smaller groups or outfits from feeling more effective:

1) Defensibility. Smaller outfits in PS1 could hold towers and bases from moderately greater numbers, as well as carry out Generator holds, etc.. Defense is where small outfits should most easily find a niche, but PS2's base design offers few killzones; no doors; no swathes of infantry-only areas (underground or otherwise) where vehicles cannot camp and one shot.

2) Defense xp. Yes, the 15% is there supposedly, but it's not enough to encourage it, IMO. Especially given Point #1, where most people don't want to simply be farmed when outnumbered - adding more significant rewards would help this a slight bit.

3) Strategic Meta. In the absence of a Lattice or a game system which might funnel Empires to more predictable areas to conquer, it's tough to know where to set up a Defense - since all hexes can be capped at any time, you could be quite bored awaiting that assault for an hour. Even improving Empire-chat tools might assist in this, as players could report sightings of Enemy movement. All we have is /yell.

As a smallish outfit, you can of course be on Offense as well, but the quick-flipping of territories (5 mins after you cap, it's back to the other side already) and absent Metagame (to feel like it's made a difference), even the Big Outfits will grow bored as well.
Pretty much this, minus one aspect.

@Hamma, I can safely say that there are many smaller outfits that simply cannot shine at all due to base not having any field of occupation for them, and that's valid for many outfits. Some of them were quite famous for being able to hold interlinks against twice the enemy population, "professional" tower farms, and effective backhacking, but now there's not much to do for them, partially because there is no predictability to the fight on a tactical level. From a strategical standpoint, the game is on contra way too predictable and only big outfits can change the tide of battle, without high chance of getting zerged.

Also, check your PM.

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Shields.. these are a decent compromise between the console jockeys that want recharging health, and the glorious pc gaming master race that generally doesn't.
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